Sage – notes on upgrading data in Line 50

Some notes on upgrading Sage Accounts to later versions (line 50 used by small businesses with few seats for accounts staff)

Note: that upgrades in stages of less than 5 version numbers (v8, to v11, to v15, to v19) is possible, but less stable than one upgrade step.

Note: Sage Line 50 2015 WILL NOT work on Windows XP – it won’t even install.

Sage Version    Oldest it will upgrade from
v21 (2015) v16 and higher
v20 (2014) v15 and higher
v19 (2013) v14 and higher
v18 (2012) v13 and higher
v17 (2011) v12 and higher
v16 (2010) v11 and higher
v15 (2009) v10 and higher
v14 (2008) v9 and higher
v13 (2007) v8 and higher
v12 v7 and higher
v11 v6 and higher

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