Iomega Storcenter Data Recovery

This device contains two 500Gb SATA hard disks. This particular one was configured in a customer’s network as Mirrored RAID, so 500Gb total space was available.

One of the staff unfortunately removed (deleted) the business’s data from the disk, and as it turns out the backup wasn’t as up-to-date as it should have been (another story!)

The Storcenter uses a linux-based operating system, with a normal partition table. The filesystem is ext3, with the partition type set to raid-member.
This means it’s using Linux software raid, and because this one is mirrored, each disk contains everything. Either disk can therefore be taken out of the raid and regarded as the only disk.
I found, download, compiled and used ext3grep (a brilliant little ext3 scanning/recovery tool) to search for only deleted files, which were deleted after 10 days before I started the data recovery. This got 1.2Gb of files back, complete with file names and directory structures.

Total Success on this one!

n.b. If you look at the shambles that is the Western Digital Netcenter’s filesystem (Recovery from which is detailed in another article), then you can see why I’ll now recommend Iomega Storcenter systems in the future.

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